Thursday morning, I got a notification that I was nominated for this tag! And it was perfect timing. Since Wednesday, I’d felt pretty stressed out and like complete garbage. Monday, I finally handed in my ten page paper for English, so I’m feeling better now. When I reach the end of a semester now, I fall into a depression, so it’s harder than normal for me to eat, get out of bed, take a shower, do homework, and pretty much everything else I do in my life. Deadlines give me stress, and I don’t do much about it to get rid of that lingering feeling.

But that’s over now! I wrote most of this during that time to relieve myself of stress, but wasn’t able to post it until now.


  1. Mention the person who nominated you.

Irina of I Drink and Watch Anime nominated me! She’s so sweet and just is constantly giving content, it’s incredible. I wish I had more time to read everything she writes!

And Kimchisama was the one who started this tag! It was such a wonderful idea! Obviously, not everyone will be comfortable with sharing, but those who are, I feel like it helps a lot.

2. List 13 reasons why you keep going/living (referencing the book/tv series 13 Reasons Why, but in the opposite sense.)

3. Nominate 10 people to do this tag as well.

4. Use the image Kimchisama made.



Seems like a no-brainer, but anime has been a solace for me for quite a while. If I’m upset, I can rewatch one of my favorites or watch a comedy. The passion I have for anime makes me forget about anything wrong in my life, and allows me to escape even if it’s just for 20 minutes. Right now, I love watching the new MHA episode on Saturday while eating breakfast. Today (April 28th) was the first time I’ve watched anime since Sunday, and MHA was what I watched. I might be able to watch a little more later, but I have a lot to do today.

2. My fuzzy babies

She’d just woken up from a nap

I have 2 cats and a dog, and all of them make me feel better in different ways. Eve is my cat, I’ve had her for five years, and she’s about eight years old. She likes to lay on my chest when I’m lying down in bed, and she purrs louder than any cat I’ve ever heard. She used to be the family cat, but she doesn’t get along with the other animals, so she lives in my room and I take good care of her. She’s kind of a jerk, but she loves me.

One of the few times he’s actually sleeping

Scoot we’ve only had for a couple months, and he’s one year old. He’s crazy, and acts like a dog sometimes. He runs around the house like a maniac and attacks my dog’s tail when he isn’t looking. He hides in paper bags and pops his paw out when we walk by. His energetic nature always makes me laugh.

He looks so cool in my hoodie

Clyde is our beagle, six years old now, and we’ve had him for about 2 1/2 years. He likes to snuggle up with everyone, even if he’s a little too big. He barks his head off when we come home, and gets so excited he trips over himself. He loves belly rubs and giving them to him gives me peace.

3. My parents

It’s stereotypical that at my age, I should hate my parents. I don’t, I never have, and I hope I never do. I love my parents a lot, they’ve been supportive of me through school and my life, they give me freedom to do what I want to with my life, and they give me so much. My dad tells me and my brothers all the time, “We just want you guys to grow up to be good people.” They don’t care what religion we follow, what profession we want, who we love, as long as we are kind to others and are happy. I haven’t heard of many other parents doing this, and I’m grateful my parents are like they are. My mom will drop everything and take me and my friend to a convention hours away from home because we aren’t quite ready to go on our own. My dad has been my biggest writing supporter since I began writing for enjoyment. I have a great relationship with my parents, and I hope that it stays this way for a long time to come.

4. My brothers

The ones I leak my anime love to. The ones I trust with all of my secrets. They were the first ones to know about my blog of the people I know in real life. My brothers also trust me with their problems. When my brother’s ex-girlfriend broke up with him, he was fairly quick to tell me. He had no intention of telling my dad or mom, but he trusted me enough to tell. My other brother is one I can show dumb things I find on the Internet and laugh with, and show him my favorite anime and he’ll totally get into it with me.

5. My friends

Me and my friends will never look this cool

I’m one of the few fortunate people to have had long-lasting friends all through elementary school until the end of high school. I’ve had one friend since I was five years old. We don’t talk as much as we used to, but we’re still friends, our interests have just changed over the years. All of my current friends I’ve had for at least four years, the newest I met in eighth grade, and I’m in twelfth now. They’re the people I can tell anything, and they won’t judge me. I was scared to talk about running an anime blog, and how many clearly impossible ships I have, but telling them made me realize that they don’t really care about those things. I told them about one of the scariest moments of my life, where I felt like I did everything wrong, but they let me know I did nothing wrong and I shouldn’t feel bad about it. My friends are people I can always count on for help when I need it, and don’t feel like I should tell my parents.

6. Blogging/Internet friends

The love I feel from people in a screen is insane

This means anyone I’ve ever had a decent conversation with online. Which is quite a few people, I might add. I have the people I’ve met through this blog, I have a few Discord servers I’m a part of based around media I enjoy, and I have one friend I talk to sometimes on Tumblr. I have far more online friends than real life friends, but I don’t know any of them as well as my real life friends. I also don’t tell all of my life to people on the internet, for obvious reasons. I sometimes don’t go by my real name, though I do on here. But the people I’ve met online have been a huge support to me. Whether it’s someone commenting on a Twitter post, or responding to a message I send to the server, I have a wide array of support in the online world. I think online friends are just as valid as real life friends.

7. My bed

It seems silly, but my bed is immensely important to me. When I’m in a depression state, I can always count on laying in bed, and feeling better. I can take a nap, or just scroll through something on my phone to relax. Sometimes it’s better than sitting on the couch in the living room.

8. The sunshine (when it decides to shine)


I feel the best when the sun is shining. It’s a surefire cure for a down day. Just standing in the sun, looking at the blue sky, seeing the green grass, anything. Thursday was an awful day in the beginning. I was exhausted, I rushed to get the last things assigned for psychology class done, and then I had my psychology exam. I came home, and immediately laid down in bed and didn’t move for about three hours. I took a shower, and then left to get my brother from school. Going outside increased my mood from the lowest of low to feeling pretty good. And Friday was an amazing day for me. I went outside and painted the desk my dad made for me, and I was in a fairly good mood even when I went to work. Of course, none of this deletes the work that needs to be done by Monday, but it’s a bandaid.

9. Music


I can’t stand sitting in a silent room. I listen to music when I write, when I read, when I drive, when I make cosplay, when I cook dinner. Everything. I don’t have a giant list of songs I listen to, but I’m always working on increasing my collection. Right now, I’m listening to the Zankyou Reference album by ONE OK ROCK, and I love it a lot. I’m working on listening to all of their albums, but I haven’t yet. I’ve only fully listened to Ambitions and this album. But, anyway, music is something that always puts me in a good mood. (As of posting this, I’ve listened to all but 2 of their albums, they’re all so good!!)

10. Comics and fics


Sometimes you just need to forget about your problems and read something. I like to read Webtoon and fanfiction mainly. I have a huge variety of comics I read, and I have so many I need to start reading still. When I’m really not feeling it, I’ll reread a favorite. I often go back to Heartstopper, which isn’t on Webtoon, but is a comic I love a lot. I’ve probably read every scene 25 times by now. I also like going back through my AO3 bookmarks and reread one of the fics I really loved. Or just a nice short and sweet fluffy fic, those are always my favorites.

11. My school

I may complain about my school work load, but I’ll never stop being grateful for the program I’m in. To put it simply, I am a high school student who has the chance to take college classes for free as long as I do well in them. And I do quite well in all of them. All A’s except one class I struggled in! It’s not easy, but I’m so thankful for this program existing. It saves me time and money in the long run so I can have a brighter future.

12. Writing

Sometimes writing is a therapy for me. Though it can also be stressful sometimes. I give myself too high of standards to hit sometimes, when really my writing should be something fun to do! Which is why my schedule has never really worked out. I figure there’s no point in stressing out too much about it, so I just do it at my own pace sometimes. And, that also translates for my fanfics. I’ll go a month before I update something, but oftentimes, it takes me only a week or so to write a chapter. It’s all just when I have time and am in the mood. Fanfiction writing is the best solace, honestly. Anything you want can happen to the characters you love. It’s a farcry from an original story, which I’ve also tried writing. I got about 200 pages into writing my book, but then I hit a wall. The chapter I started writing ended up being boring, and so I just dropped writing it. I’m thinking of totally rewriting a bunch of chapters to make it more enjoyable for me to write. It’s a project I’d love to take up over the summer, and I hope to make some sort of Patreon or something to give chapters to people before it’s finished. It’d probably only be $1 a month, I just need something to support my writing. Honestly, it’s mostly so I can get some feedback. And wow, I went so off-topic.

13. Desserts!!

I want to try every dessert shown in this anime.

Irina wrote about cheese in hers, so I think it’s fair I can talk about sweets. Dessert is my biggest comfort food. My favorites being ice cream, pieces of milk or dark chocolate, white chocolate macadamia nut cookies, apple crisp, raspberry cheesecake. I’m actually not a huge fan of chocolate cake, or fudgy brownies, or anything with a huge amount of chocolate. I used to love it, but I like fruity desserts better now. I love eating those Dove chocolate pieces though, and vanilla ice cream with chocolate candies in it. I just love sweet everything more than any other flavor (I guess you’d call it that?). I put a lot of honey in my tea (fruity tea, of course) and quite a bit of milk and creamer in my coffee.


I’m so lazy with nominations. Whenever I do these things, it takes me forever to figure out who’s already been nominated, so I tend to do the easy way out and nominate whoever reads this. I’ve been wanting to post this since Saturday, and this was the last thing needing to be done. So, I’m nominating everyone.

Another big thank you to Irina for nominating me for this! It was relaxing to write this, and it’s really put me in a better mood overall.

I recorded the official first episode of my podcast today, but I need to edit it like mad since I went way over the time I intended and had some awkward breaks and coughing fits. I’m probably getting sick, or my allergies are kicking in, who knows.

Which means episode 2 may be postponed, but I don’t know yet.

Also, I’ve returned from my sudden hiatus! I had one around this time last year too, but that one lasted two months, where this lasted one week. I recovered much quicker this year, so I can get back on my blogging game! I’ll have a ton of free time in the coming months, so I should be more active than usual with blogging stuff.

I’ll return with an actual anime post on Friday, I promise.