Halfway through! I’m halfway through this challenge now, and I’m impressed with how I’ve been keeping up with it. And I think it’s thanks to the support I get from all of my followers with the views and likes I get. If I saw that nobody was reading it, I would have given up, but seeing how many people look at my challenge posts every day encourage me to push on with it. It’s really hard for me to push myself when it comes to any sort of project, but I’ve been able to and that’s such a huge accomplishment for me. So, thank you.

Anyway, on to today’s prompt!

Favorite Animal Companion

I’m an avid animal lover. And every time I see a dog in public I have to stop everything and point it out to whoever I’m with. So this was a little bit hard, since there are just so many cute animals in anime, but I went with an anime I watched a while ago.

It’s Black Hayate, Hawkeye’s dog from Fullmetal Alchemist. It’s kind of hard to explain exactly why I’d like a dog so much, but he’s just a cute puppy who helps Hawkeye when she is having troubles at work. He’s like a therapy dog to her, and that’s the best kind of dog.

The other dog in FMA is also super awesome, Winry’s dog, Den. He hurt his leg as a puppy and then later he got an automail leg made by Winry. He’s also a good dog, and loves the Elric brothers.


This was a weird post, I know. It’s pretty hard to say much more than the dog is cute and a good dog. But anyway, there’s my fifteenth challenge post.

Yesterday’s post: Day Fourteen

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