I return to this challenge after a day break! I apologize for being late on this. I had a bit of a rough day yesterday and I didn’t have a very restful weekend, but I’m back today!

Favorite Friendship

All of them? Every interaction between friends in this show warms me to the core, every one is special in its own right. Though, I still did choose one in particular to highlight since, from what I’ve seen, there isn’t too much recognition of this friendship. It’s not obscure, just I feel it’s overlooked pretty often.

Screenshot (328)
I apologize for picking a picture with Hinata’s face looking like…that, lol

My favorite friendship is Hinata and Kenma, and this may be slightly because it reminds me of myself and my friend. But I also like it because it’s spontaneous to start. When Kenma is introduced, he’s just sitting on a bench fiddling with his phone because he got lost, and his team hadn’t found him yet. Hinata had gotten too caught up in his competitive running with Kageyama, and also got lost. Despite Kenma being a pretty closed-off person, he makes friends with Hinata quickly, and at their match a few days later, he’s already referring to Hinata by his first name.

Their friendship is subtle, mostly just shown through their texts and an occasional mention of the other to their teammates, but it’s there.

I’m sad I couldn’t even find any good images of them on Google Images. It immediately went to shipping fanart, which, I’m not opposed to, but in this case it wasn’t what I needed. So here’s me and a Hinata cosplayer at Ohayocon.

My wig was not under control in this image, but now I’ve found a way to fix it. A little too late, haha

We’re nearing the halfway point for this challenge! I’ve had a few bumps in the road, but it just gets busy this time of year. Especially between the three interviews I have this week (I’ll know the answer for one on Thursday, and the others I’m unsure of yet) and my SAT test in a couple weeks, along with all of my other blogging stuff. If I have a few more skip days, just know it’s because I’m busy with other life things.