Favorite Animal Representation

This is so bias but that’s okay, since this whole challenge is technically bias.

My favorite animal is a cat, so clearly my choice is going to be Nekoma and cats. I have way too many cat things. Pants, a pillow, multiple pairs of cheetah-print socks, cheetah-print blanket, four plushies, and two real cats. So, yep, cats.


But really, it does make sense for their team to be named after cats. They play at first to analyze the other team, where the other team will think they can win fairly easily against Nekoma. But then after a while, they go over all of the moves the other team uses often and use that to their advantage to surprise the other team. Cats stalk and hide when they hunt. They lie still to watch their prey, and then when the time is right, they’ll attack.

We’re now halfway through this challenge! I also have a new post coming out in a few hours, which I talked about on Twitter. Something different, and I’m excited to share!