For the past six months or so I’ve found myself delving into the world of fanfiction. I probably read too much at this point, and unfortunately in turn it makes me abandon many of the books I’ve purchased and have yet to read. But I’m enjoying myself, and it makes me happy to have something to read before bed every night.

For the most part, I read My Hero Academia ones, and, they generally are focused on a pairing I like, or multiple pairings I like. Same goes with Haikyu!!. The other few I’ve read are No. 6, Yuri!!! on Ice, and Hakata Tonkotsu Ramens. There have been other anime I’ve thought about reading fics for like Akagami no Shirayuki-hime (Snow White with the Red Hair), Noragami, and Yona of the Dawn, but I just haven’t quite yet.

(All fics are on AO3, and all are either rated Teen or General Audiences, as I don’t read anything above those ratings unless under special circumstances. I’m not fond of sexual content in general, so I don’t want to read any of it)

My Hero Academia

Todoroki Shouto x Midoriya Izuku

(I have far, far too many recommendations for this pair. I had to leave out at least 4 I love a lot since the list would be so long)

  • Demolition Lovers: Beginnings by TMOTC
    • Rating: Teen
    • Chapters: 14/? ; Words: 92k
    • Major Tags: Fluff, Angst, Mentions of Abuse, Panic Attacks, Mentions of Marital Rape, Domestic Fluff, Fake Marriage
    • Premise (This is in my own words btw): Shouto wasn’t the one who received the fire/ice quirk, he has a younger brother instead who’s the one who obtains it. He becomes a nurse at UA and meets Izuku when he comes in with some major injuries. After they meet up regularly for a while, they start dating, and eventually, Recovery Girl decides to give them a paid vacation. On said vacation they find that they’ve been put in a honeymoon suite and she’s even sent them matching rings to play off the fake marriage. This all is for a reason, I promise, but there’s no sense in spoiling all of it. It sounds cheesy, and it is, but it’s so sweet.
      • This is my favorite fic I’ve ever read. It was also one of the firsts, and I’ve been reading it since November. It doesn’t update often, but that’s because each chapter is somewhere between 7k and 10k generally. But every update is something that gets me so excited.
  • Your Solace Gave Me Hope by emerald_psyche
    • Rating: Teen
    • Chapters: 3/3 ; Words: 19k
    • Major Tags: Fake/Pretend Relationship, Getting Together, Sharing a Bed, Explicit Talk of Bullying, Original Character(s), Nightmares, Hurt/Comfort, Implied/Referenced Abuse, Light Angst, Bi Disaster Midoriya Izuku (this tag makes me laugh every time)
    • Premise: Izuku has to visit family for the holidays, but every time he shows up without a significant other, he gets asked question after question, and he’s fed up with it. He asks Shouto to come with him on the trip, since they’re friends, to act as his boyfriend just for the time being. This causes emotions and personal experiences to flood out of each of them.
      • Man, I found this when there were only two chapters, and the ending of that chapter made me so upset. The whole thing ends very nicely though 🙂
  • Over the Rainbow (For You) by decadent_mousse
    • Rating: Not Rated
    • Chapters: 1/1 ; Words: 3k
    • Major Tags: Established Relationship, Fluff, Rainbows, Painting, Implied/Referenced Homophobia, Endeavor’s Bad Parenting, Social Anxiety, Holding Hands, Bakugou Katsuki Swears a Lot (my personal favorite tag), Everyone is Gay, Background Bakugou/Kirishima
    • Premise: UA is holding a pride festival, and Izuku convinces Shouto to come with him. He expects to be made fun of, and feel out of place, but it turns out there are plenty of his classmates also attending, some in a similar relationship as him.
      • It’s overall just really sweet, and it’s a short read.
  • Journeys End in Lovers Meeting by Celestial13
    • Rating: Teen
    • Chapters: 8/? ; Words: 27k
    • Major Tags: School Play AU, Shakespeare Class, The Twelfth Night, Pining, Comedy, High School Hijinks
    • Premise: Shouto had gotten away with avoiding a major role in the plays they perform in the Shakespeare elective the UA students are forced to take, but for this last performance, he isn’t so lucky.
      • Okay, this one is hard to explain exactly. There’s a lot of Todoroki freaking out because Izuku’s character is in romantic relations with other students’ characters, but it’s hard to be specific since I don’t really know the play well. It’s a fun read, though!
      • And the writer actually places a lot of quotes from the play in the fic, which is unique.
  • Born For Flight by haruhi_fujioka8 (me)
    • Rating: Teen
    • Chapters: 4/? ; Words: 12k
    • Major Tags: Alternate Universe – Space, Alternate Universe – No Quirks, Fluff, Angst, Social Anxiety, Slow Burn, Minor Kirishima/Bakugou, Roommates
    • Premise: Rather than UA being a school for aspiring heroes, it’s a spacecraft piloting school, where they are grouped up into pairs and larger groups to learn how to pilot.
      • This was my first stab at fanfiction writing, and I think it’s turning out okay. I don’t have much of a plan, but it’s fun, and it’s receiving fairly well.
      • As it is now, it’s more like a general fic than a pairing one, but eventually it’ll change. I’m having too much fun having everyone befriend Todoroki, I guess, haha
  • Birthday Date by haruhi_fujioka8 (me again)
    • Rating: General
    • Chapters: 1/1 ; Words: 5k
    • Major Tags: Fluff, Established Relationship, Light Angst, Sharing a Bed
    • Premise: It’s just a whole 5,000 words of a date and I tried to make it as cute as I possibly could with no romantic experience myself. I wrote it to celebrate Todoroki’s birthday, but then posted it like three days late anyway. There’s no plot to this at all.

Kirishima Eijirou x Bakugou Katsuki

(I swear to you I’ve read way more for this pairing, but all I can ever find in my AO3 history is TodoDeku, what’s wrong with me??)

  • The Only One by detectivelion
    • Rating: Teen
    • Chapters: 4/? ; Words: 21k
    • Major Tags: Hurt/Comfort, Canon and Post-Canon Timelines, Aftermath of Trauma, Nightmares, Bed-sharing, Jealousy, Self-Hatred, Descriptions of Violence, Beach Episode TM, Panic Attacks, Discussions of Sexuality, Mentions of Homophobia, Demisexual Bakugou, Mental Health Issues, Illness
    • Premise: Bakugou has the realization that he may have feelings for his friend, but doesn’t like it when other people are getting so close to him. He’s struggling with a lot, between this and the thought of not being enough to even be Kirishima’s friend.
      • This one sounds so sad, and it kind of is, but it’s one of those things you go through when trying to find who you are sexuality-wise. I’ve been through it, I still kind of go through it, since I haven’t discussed it with anyone but my brothers. It’s a bit too relatable, but that’s what makes it good
      • It’s also been on hiatus for four months, but it’s okay
  • Bakugou’s Competitive Nonsense, Volumes One Through Three by aliencereal
    • Rating: Teen
    • Chapters: 3/3 ; Words: 6k
    • Major Tags: Getting Together, Comedy, Competition
    • Premise: It just so happens that the same day Bakugou decides to confess to Kirishima, Todoroki and Midoriya did the same, and ridiculous competition ensues.
      • This one is completely ridiculous. A good follow up from the last one. Relieve the angst with comedy!
  • Parted, and Never Parted by Authoress
    • Rating: Teen
    • Chapters: 1/1 ; Words: 4k
    • Major Tags: Fantasy AU, Kitsune AU, Warlords and Raising Gods, Marriage
    • Premise: Kirishima is the leader of a powerful army, Bakugou is the god he’s dedicated everything to. Before going into battle, Kirishima realizes he has nothing else to sacrifice to ensure his army’s strength, but maybe Bakugou is a more forgiving god than he expected.
      • This fic is so beautifully written. So beautifully. I’m jealous.
  • KiriBaku Childhood AU by haruhi_fujioka8 (ME)
    • Rating: varies between General and Teen
    • Three fics: Stay With Me, Idiot; Hair; Help Me Feel Better
    • Some Tags: Alternate Universe – Childhood Friends, Angst, Anxiety, Emotional Hurt/Comfort, Crushes, Panic Attacks, Fluff, Bakugou Katsuki Swears a Lot
    • I’m not exactly sure how to set this up, since it’s a series. The first one is an establishment of how throughout my series, they met in fourth grade rather than in high school, and how the start of their relationship is. The second is just a silly little story about Kirishima dying his hair (in the manga it’s confirmed that his natural hair color is black). And the third is a much more serious one about both of them dealing with self-doubt and anxiety and such. “Help Me Feel Better” is my work with the most kudos.


  • Heart, Mind, and Soul by zyco
    • Rating: Teen
    • Chapters: 5/? ; Words: 8.5k
    • Major Tags: Child Abuse Warning, Domestic Fluff
    • Premise: Izuku finds out about Endeavor’s done to Shouto, teachers find out, and now Shouto is living with Aizawa. Yamada (Present Mic) basically moves in with Aizawa to help out.
      • It’s like a mix of TodoDeku and EraserMic, and it’s really great.

Kageyama Tobio x Hinata Shouyou

  • Sweet Feelings by Scribbling_Plume17
    • Rating: General
    • Chapters: 2/2 ; Words: 8.5k
    • Major Tags: Fluff, First Kiss, Fluff and Humor, First Love
    • Premise: A classic “I like this person and I should probably tell them but they probably don’t feel the same” fic. I’ve noticed there’s A LOT of these for this pairing.
      • The first part is in Kageyama’s POV, the second is in Hinata’s, which is definitely a nice touch.
  • KageHina Valentine’s Collection by PuggleMuggle
    • Rating: General
    • Works: 4/? ; Words: 6k
    • Just a collection of small cute fics, at various stages of their relationship
  • We Are a Hurricane by viscrael
    • Rating: Teen
    • Chapters: 10/10 ; Words: 26.5k
    • Major Tags: Roommates, Alternative Universe – College/University, Fluff, Trans Hinata, Social Anxiety, Arospec Kageyama, Sexuality
    • Premise: Kageyama is roommates with Kenma, and a certain small friend of his keeps coming into their room. Eventually, he becomes interested in Hinata, and they help each other out in different problems.
  • I know I have read a ton more, but I’ll save them for the next part since I can’t find them now.

Kuroo Tetsurou x Kozume Kenma

  • Saltwater Room by hipster-yams (madamedicelia)
    • Rating: Teen
    • Chapters: 11/11 ; Words: 60.5k
    • Major Tags: Alternate Universe – College/University, Music AU, Anxiety, Asexual Kenma, Slow Burn
    • Premise: Kenma’s suffering through a degree he doesn’t even want, making his way barely through the classes with lots of coffee and practicing cello for stress relief. He gets his hand stuck in a vending machine, for reasons, and things get a little weird after it.
      • I don’t think my summary does this justice at all. This was the fic that made me realize how great Kenma is. I read it every day at every time I could squeeze in until I finished it. Which maybe took 3 or 4 days. And  it’s one of the few fics I’ve read with a character being ace (which I am), and that always is a plus.
  • Roman Candle Heart, Weather in My Bones by Heronfem
    • Rating: General
    • Chapters: 1/1 ; Words: 2k
    • Major Tags: Domestic Fluff, Marriage Proposal, Cabin Fic, Snowed In, Idiots in Love
    • Premise: They’re snowed in a cabin, bored without power, and they get to talking about their future.
      • Going back to remember exactly what this was about, I almost cried just from rereading it. It’s just that sweet.
  • I Ran to You by haruhi_fujioka8 (me)
    • Rating: Teen
    • Chapters: 1/4 ; Words: 2k
    • Major Tags: Post-Canon, Anxiety, Love Confessions, Fluff and Angst, Kuroo Leaves for Uni
    • Premise: This will go through Kenma’s perspective of Kuroo leaving and trying to maintain their relationship long-distance. It’s the bittersweet mix of fluff when they’re together and angst when apart. I’m only guessing it’ll be 4 chapters.
      • Please read this one if you read any of my fics, since it’s been up for over a month and only has like 50 hits.


  • My First and Last by Reikyuu
    • (Tsukishima x Yamaguchi; Hinata x Kenma; Daichi x Suga)
    • Rating: General
    • Chapters: 1/1 ; Words: 12k
    • Major Tags: Alternate Universe – College/University, Alternate Universe – Soul Mates, Weddings, Fluff, No Angst, Genderfluid Kozume Kenma
    • Premise: Tattoos show up in five year intervals starting at age ten to give clues of important events that happen between soulmates.
      • This one is just so sweet, and there’s a lot of references to Kpop songs I don’t get, but if you like Kpop you may get something more out of it than I did. I thought it was a really relaxing read!
  • Here Comes Your Man by newamsterdam
    • (Daichi x Suga; Oikawa x Iwaizumi)
    • Rating: Teen
    • Chapters: 1/1 ; Words: 9k
    • Major Tags: Future Fic, Alternate Universe – Medical, Established Relationship, Fluff, Marriage, Implied/Referenced Homophobia
    • Premise: Iwaizumi is a new surgeon in the hospital Suga works at, and Suga becomes interested in whoever’s been sending him those sweet text messages and dropping homemade bentos at the front desk.
      • Don’t be scared too bad by the “homophobia” tag, it’s just a matter of misunderstanding. It’s a really cute fic overall, and everything ends up peachy by the end!
  • Mistakes Happen: This Chat is One of Them by LovingDeviArtistria
    • (Kageyama x Hinata; Daichi x Suga; Tsukishima x Yamaguchi; Kuroo x Kenma; Asahi x Noya)
    • Rating: General
    • Chapters: 5/? ; Words: 6k
    • The tags are a mess in this fic, I’m not even going to try
    • This is a chatfic of all of the dumbest possible things you could think of. It’s a mess and it’s amazing. There’s a lot of references and memes and meta conversation. I laugh so hard I cry every time I read it.
  • Yachi Saves the Gay–I Mean Day by Bryson_the_Puffin
    • (Kageyama x Hinata; Tsukishima x Yamaguchi)
    • Rating: Teen
    • Chapters: 3/? ; Words: 3k
    • Major Tags: Fluff, Awkwardness, The First Years Care About Each Other, Mutual Pining
    • Premise: Yamaguchi and Tsukishima are fed up with the obviousness of Kageyama and Hinata’s feelings, so they ask Yachi for help. But, Kageyama and Hinata have the same idea about the other two. Suga also helps.
      • This one’s super new, so I have no idea how many more chapters will come, but it’s funny and cute.

I have read a heck of a lot of fics for Haikyu!! but this was all I could really find for now. A lot of pairings are missing, and I promise I’ll have more for part two!

Yuri!!! on Ice

Victor Nikiforov x Yuri Katsuki

  • To Viktor, With Love by Qwertzu
    • Rating: General
    • Chapters: 1/1 ; Words: 5k
    • Major Tags: Established Relationship, Future Fic, Fluff With Plot, Yuuri’s Final Competition
    • Premise: It’s the final time Yuuri will perform on the ice, and he’s put a lot of work into this final piece. For a certain someone.
      • Another fic that nearly made me cry. There’s a lot of these, actually, haha
  • Body Music by fan_nerd, wbtrashking
    • Rating: Teen
    • Works: 16 ; Words: 36k
    • Major Tags: Role Reversal AU, Alternative Ep 10, Hurt/Comfort, Alternative Banquet Scene, Fluff, Injury
    • Premise: What if Yuuri was the famous gold medalist, and Victor idolized Yuuri? Their ages are swapped too.
      • This is pretty funny, and insanely in character, as much in character as you can get when swapping roles. It’s impressive.

Yuri Plisetsky x Otabek Altin

  • Made for You by Kenda1L
    • Rating: Teen
    • Chapters: 8/8 ; Words: 20k
    • Major Tags: Fluff and Angst, Growing Up, Major Character Injury, Crochet, Depression, Humor
    • Premise: Yuri is 17 and struggling with puberty, and Otabek has taken a harsh fall that’s left him with a leg injury and concussion. In the time before Otabek visits Russia, Yuri decides to make a present for him.
      • Yuri is written perfectly, Yuuri and Victor are doting parents as always, and it’s just all around a fun fic. A little sad at times, but like many others I read, it turns out all okay.
  • Permanently by HugsandButterflyKisses
    • Rating: Teen
    • Chapters: 2/2 ; Words: 15k
    • Major Tags: First Kiss, Alternative Universe – Soulmates, Soulmate-Identifying Marks
    • Premise: Basically episodes 10-12 but they’re soulmates. And the marks are the first things they say to each other.
      • Part one is in Otabek’s POV, part two’s in Yuri’s
No. 6

Nezumi x Shion

I really have only read a couple for this, but I want to read more.

  • I’ll Send a Storm by viscrael
    • Rating: General
    • Chapters: 1/1 ; Words: 1k
    • Major Tags: Post-reunion, Birthday fic, Mild Angst
    • Premise: Shion wakes up with the fear of Nezumi leaving again, but is comforted. Nezumi may regret some of the decisions he’d made.
      • If you want No. 6 fics, this author has quite a few. Really, they have a TON of fics in general.
Hakata Tonkotsu Ramens

My new obsession. Such a teeny tiny fandom, but there still are a few fics that are really good. I’m also writing my own at the moment, which is a bit of a challenge, but still fun!

Banba Zenji x Lin Xianming

  • Surcharge by dovetail
    • Rating: General
    • Chapters: 1/1 ; Words: 855
    • Premise: Lin confides in Enokida for advice, and offers him a job to find out some information about Banba.
  • Those Who Kill Are Just Lonely by aske
    • Rating: Teen
    • Chapters: 1/1 ; Words: 2k
    • Major Tags: Murder, Slight BanLin, Based off LN
    • Premise: Not a whole lot, Lin kills someone, as hitmen do, and comes home to talk to Banba. But of the small selection of 30 works, this is one of my favorites because it’s simple and realistic to canon.

This was WAY more work than I’d anticipated. It’s also a MUCH longer list than I thought. But, now I know for next time to have an idea of which ones I want to use before diving into making the list.

If you have recommendations for me, feel free to give them, and if you’re interested, subscribe to me on AO3! I’m @haruhi_fujioka8!